Babybull started 1986

Photo: Elisabeth Espedal
5 babybuller from 1-9 years, 3 generations

Photo: Elisabeth Espedal

Photo: Elisabeth Espedal
Our first French Bulldog was a bitch from kennel Anbetri. She became the family favourite and centre of attention. When our youngest was going to have his communion his highest wish was to get a French Bulldog male. This wish resulted in our first litter and the beginning of the Babybull kennel. It was a big litter and with a selfwelping bitch, which made us want to continue.

Not long after we decided to import frozen semen from a top dog in France . In Norway the breed was small and new blood was needed. What was more natural than to look towards the breeds' home country for possible breeding material? We have used the semen on selected bitches up through the years and at the same time used other males from Scandinavian, European and English lines.

When the fawn colour was accepted in the standard, we imported a fawn bitch (Tess) from the Tommyville kennel in England which gave us the opportunity to also ad this colour into our breeding program.

Up through the years quite a few litters have been born here, and today we have three generations of bitches in the house. We have learnt a lot about this wonderful breed with its great love for children and people and have made many friends among the breed enthusiasts not only in Norway and the Nordic countries, but also but around the world.

We are always dedicated to focusing on health, movement and of course appearance with the intention of doing what is best for the breed.

"Keep the distance"
Falco and Mandy and their son
My first litter

Litter born 1997

Photo: Elisabeth Espedal
Litter born 18/9 2006

Photo: Elisabeth Espedal
Litter born 2010 (A-2 litter)

Photo: Elisabeth Espedal
Litter born 2010